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stupid tallow trees...


It would be impossible and/or a waste of my time and energy to erradicate all of the damn tallow trees that have invaded my land.  I probally have about 9 of my 12 acres infested with the things.  So I've decided to learn to live with them.  I've done minimal research and the seed coating can be used for soap and candle making.  I've read contradictory information regarding the oil from the seed.  Is it toxic?  can it be used for vegetable oil?  fuel oil?   And I read the chinese used the wood for making writing blocks and furniture, anyone have any experience working or burning the wood?  And has anyone tried their hand in making these pests a useful tree?

If you dry it properly, it makes a good firewood. I'd consider a passive campaign to eradicate it. Cut a few dozen into firewood every year, and make sure new ones aren't popping up.

Don't forget they are toxic!!!!!! best way to kill them is to cut them down then spray the stump with Roundup. I fight them every year on my wetland sites, they are a PITA!!


Instead of Roundup (which will support Monsanto) salts will help kill the stump.  I know of people using Epsom Salts and even regular rock salt to kill the stump.  I've also heard about a product that is basically bacteria that will eat the stump.

You can also drill a bunch of holes in the stump and dump on a high nitrogen fertiliser that will feed the bacteria that will eat away the stump.  I've even heard of people building their compost pile over the stump.  All the organisms in the pile help break down the stump.  The pile also keeps light away, which should keep it from sprouting.


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