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Planting potatoes

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I'm trying to picture what you said and it's not working... Are we talking about them standing up? Since your local to be.. where do you get your dirt to fill beds, ect.?

Thanks to Gator on the DIY on posting pictures.........I struggle with technology daily and his posting was most informative. I'll raise an Abita Amber in his honor this weekend at the Jazz Fest..

This is the stacked potato box design I was thinking about. It's made from 6' long cedar fence boards, 2 x 2 for corners strength and galvanized screws. It comes out to be more growing area than a 16" tire. I cut the fence boards at 2 foot length's to minimize waste and it took less than an hour to cut and screw together six of these, not counting the trip to the lumber store. I'm thinking as vines grow I'll stack additional boxes on top and more dirt/compost/straw mixture and see what happens. In a second box not shown we planted Jerusalem Artichokes in same manner.....

On the bottom box the 2 x 2 corner pieces were cut about 2" shorter than height of board. That way the with the upper boxes corner 2 x 2 cut at the height of the boards and attached 2" down it makes upper box lock into place.

The wife is happy it's not old tires and it kinda matches the cedar fence........Time will tell if it's worth while...

The Wilderness:
Awesome DeepSea1985 ! +1 and thanks for the pics

The Wilderness

Dude very Cool!  I was thinking of just a dirt pile and keep mounding dirt on, but this is much more presentable.  Plus I'm fending off moose, rabbits and other critters and this will make that a bit easier.


Berserker Prime

Very nice DeepSea!  That is very close to the setup that I am using.  Great minds think alike!   ;)


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