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Just as an interesting etymological aside, a few years ago I was in a small town in the Czech Republic called Kutna Hora (renowned for the Sedlec ossuary decorated with thousands of human bones) and as a part of the tour, we toured an old mint that, coupled with regions mineral ore, had been a major element of the Bohemian kingdom's influence. And it was in that region and at that mint that the first "thalers" were minted. This is the origin of Spanish and later American "Dollar."


--- Quote from: ncjeeper on September 29, 2010, 07:30:07 PM ---I dont agree with your statement as a whole. I have found a few deals on ebay, but my coin and bullion dealer usually beats the ebay sellers. Whats also nice is no shipping charges and I can see the coins in person when I buy from her. She is a large dealer and buys and sells at a small profit margin so thats why I do well on my purchases.

--- End quote ---
I am with you here ncjeeper. My guy also sells at a small margin. Time you add in shipping and the fact you can examine your purchase way beats ebay for me. Plus, cash purchase, no trail.

NC and Tex   ...   It's great that you found a reliable source at a good price.  But I'm not new to this, and it's rare to find what you have found.  I could tell you of some great honest ebay retailers as well.  I always shop for ebay coins that have "free shipping"   Of course its not really free, it's part of the price.  But the seller goes out of their way to make sure he keeps his shipping cost down.  As part of the deal, the customers win.  As far as the shop owners, its much cheaper to pay ebay fees and shipping than to pay for a building.  I bought 3 nice coins last night, beautiful coins, very close to spot including shipping.  I just dont see that in shops.  But I'm a truck driver, and I go into every shop I see, I cant help myself, I love coins, and I find a deal here or there.  But 90% of the time, the deal is online.  BE SAFE

Mini ...  True the term "dollar" is much older than spains use of, and dollar is not a spanish word, others have told me it has German roots.  However, Early Americans used the Spanish dollar far more than they used the Kings money (maybe out of spite) and far more than the french, german, or dutch money.  Although all forms of silver coins floated around, Silver is Silver, no matter who's face is on the coin.  Early Americans had access to Spanish Silver Dollar Coins and seemed to prefer them when they had a choice, and there is no question the term "Dollar" was used instead of "Pound, Mark, Frank, or anything else because Americans prefered it over any other.  The guys who minted the first US coins most likely had Spanish Dollar Coins in their pockets, not some odd unheard of euro coins.  They were not aware of your history lessons, and would not care if you had been there to tell them.  The King of England was untrusted, France was starting to make coins with added metals to dilute the silver content, the Germans just did not have the influence yet, But Spanish Dollars flooded the New World 200 years before the Americans started to Mint Their own on a National scale.

Steaker, you are correct insofar as the history of the dollar goes, but I think what minimalist was trying to say is the word 'dollar' comes from the world 'thaler' per 'A Guide Book of United States Coins' by R.S. Yeoman, now in its 64th edition.


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