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Special thanks to Mozartsgokart for doing the hard work of transcribing.
Time stamps left in to help people with text and audio timing

Excerpt from Ep 890 (from  1:37:24 to 1:50:41)
mozartsgokart and Hootie

Jack Spirko:
I realize for some of you guy that it is a big leap to accept that all of that is true. I believe in most of it and you know where i am on the climate issue so i am not going to go there today. I have told you that i have said what i am going to say on that and i am done.

What i think we can all agree on is we have looked over the last few months to last few years, we have seen many of the things in this video happen that have absolutely nothing to do with direct environmentalism. Like farmers having there farms shutdown. Like people being threatened with jail for having gardens in their front yard. Children told they can't ware a shirt with a picture of the american flag to a school.

We have businesses being told to remove the america flag. We've had a man put in jail in California, because he setup a barter network for women who were breast feeding to barder for goats milk. because some of those women where not capable producing breast milk, and it is the best substitute for human breast milk.

and we have had over, and over, and over, and over again examples of people stepping on the throats of average americans, average small business people. We have watched the ass clowns in the government get away with it. They got their heads rolled in the last election. And 50% of them immediately got jobs lobbyist. They have more influence and are higher paid then ever before.

Whether you think that the problems pointed out in this video are accurate or not. The problems are such that we all have to admit together that it is clear that the people in control want more control. They want us to have less control and indeed they have set a corse for America to fail.

There wasn't a single solution in that video though. and when we look that what the people are doing to our fellow americans across the country. And we complain about it. We yell about it. We get angry about it. There is value in that because anger creates action, but there is no solution there.

It's friday afternoon and you just heard some pretty somber stuff. I think you need to hear some solution to, if I wanted America to fail. I'm going to call, "If I  wanted to save America."

If I  wanted to save America.

The first thing that I would do is teach every single American that would listen to me. That they have internal power. I would teach them all, that no one can take that away.

I would teach them that a law is only a written command by another man. And any law can be unwritten. Any law can be challenged. And any law eventually be defeated.

I would teach them that laws get passed unjustly when men are afraid. And that men become afraid when they worry about feeding their family or feeding themselves.

Men become afraid when they worry that someone will come take what they have or harm them or harm their children. But that when men are not afraid. When they stand up and they know they can care for their family, they can care for their children, they can care for their wives. They can be the leaders in the home that they are supposta be. They don’t capitulate. They don’t compromise. They hold their ground.

I would teach them that the solution is NOT in anyway currently existing in the belt way around the district around Columbia or the statehouses across America. I would teach them that the solution is not in government. Its in their own homes, its in their own back yards. That’s where the solutions are.

I would teach America to plant trees and gardens. That produce food for themselves to eat, everywhere and every place they can.

I would teach them that even though everything that we talk about is true that they are coming to take away people’s pigs. They are coming to take away people's gardens. They are actually doing this crap at the local level, the federal level, the state level. All over the place. That it is very damn hard to come put someone in jail for a garden if everyone in that neighborhood is standing in the front yard going “I don’t think so today, I don’t think we are going to let you do this today” And if we start having each others backs the fear transfers from us to them.

I would teach them that we have already developed a pattern that you should know that you can already go out and do these things that people like us will have your back do have your back and we will act.

That if you attack an old lady with bone cancer, you will put a blight on your city for a decade. That’s what they did to themselves. The name of that city shall ever in the minds of anybody that heard the story go “Oh those are the people that.... and, we’ll come thru for that person, one way or another we’ll have their back." 

If you try to put a lady in jail for a front yard garden, in Michigan, in a city that can’t even keep the freakin lights on, five days a week. You have to close on Fridays! Then thousands and thousands of fellow Americans from across the country will call you and tell you they are paying attention to what you are doing and they will support that person with a legal defense fund and shove it back up your ass.

If I wanted to save America I would teach my fellow Americans these things.

I would teach our children to be good citizens in their schools and obey the rules, but question every damn thing a teacher says. Especially one that is supposed to be an education and its an opinion.

When they are told so and so is bad. Ask why, ask how do we know that, ask is there another side to the story. And whatever they are taught And whatever they have to put on the paper to get an “A.” I would tell them to write that down and come home and talk to me about it. Talk to you about it and find out the real truth.

I would teach Americans to once again discover their own history, to accept their own faults, and their own mistakes.

If I wanted to save America

I would admit we screwed that some things up.That we oppressed people on our own lands. And I would teach people about the battles that were fought for equality. Fought and won. And the amazing immense opportunities that were created when the battles were fought and won and that the time to fight those battles is in our past, not our future. Now is the time to unite and do things.

I would teach America that when someone says the things I am saying now, and another person says them, and another person says them, and they are heard. The people behind the desks that make the decisions, that say they won’t let you. Quake in Fear! Because they know that, it’s not that they won't let us. Its that they know the truth is for this long, we have allowed them. We allowed them to act. We empowered them. We put them there. We paid for them. We can change it there but got to change it right in our homes first. Right with our own children first.

If i wanted to save America.

I would teach every person within the sound of my voice to be  self sufficient and self reliant and take care of themselves and their families first and then to take care of their communities  and their neighbors and then to take care of their cities. And I would teach them to take their city's back first.

I would teach them that what these clowns are doing at the federal level doesn't even really matter right now because its too big and they have too much power, too much control and its time to take the power at the city and town level back for the common person and then turn that apparatus of government on their counties and then take the county back and take the county government and spin it around so its not coming down your throat and put it down the throat of the state. And demand the state stand up to the feds but it's a bottom up approach. It doesn't start in a picket line. It doesn't start with a occupy demonstration It starts with you!

If I wanted to save America.

I would teach americans to once again to be proud to be american. I would teach them you do not have to be proud of the actions of your government or the mega corporations running your government or the lobbyists running your government to be proud to be an american or be proud what america is.

If I wanted to save America

I would teach americans that america isn't a place with borders, and laws and government. America is an idea that created a place with borders, laws, and government. And that those borders, laws, and government were to exist to serve the people who had the courage to have the idea and make it real.

And I would teach them that there is immense amounts of things to be proud about from that.

I would teach them that once again value their flag. Even if they are opposed to a war fought under that flag.  To realize the flag is not about war. The flag is about the freedom it is supposed to represent. And if your not happy that freedom is not there any more. Take it back! And thats the big thing I would try to teach america if i wanted to save it

I would teach them that no one will give you your freedom back. You must take it! You must claim it You must do it in your own lives. You must be bold. You must be decisive. You must be willing to act. And you must not let fear get in between you and doing what you dream of doing. What you really believe in and teaching your children the same thing. In fact I could sum it up this way.

If i wanted to save america I would simply teach americans to act like americans.

And with that folks this has been Jack Spirko with an other addition of "The Survival Podcast". Helping you figure out how to live that better life, if times get tough or even if they don't.
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