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--- Quote from: Biff on September 06, 2009, 06:37:51 PM ---And yes I read the thread at but no one commented on it.

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I just did.

I know just enough about these types of radios to get me in trouble. I did read that by 2018 everything has to be digital. If I am buying any additional radios they will be digital. The state I live in has a network of trunking systems state wide for the highway patrol, and other state agencies. They allow other law enforcement agencies to also use their system. The system is in the process of changing from analog to digital. I have a number of trunking scanners I wish to sell, due to this. I would caution anyone buying new equipment to buy digital. 2012 is not that far away. Cell phones are already digital, TV is digital. The radio spectrum is finite. As I understand it digital takes a far less part of the spectrum than analog does.

radio user:
ummm my thoughts :)
Why are we comparing GMRS (LOL) with MURS?
Try comparing (with both of the above) 2/.70 meter mobile, 35 and higher watt, battery pack powered radio (and just buy a murs too if you really feel the need)

oh plllllllllllllllease  ;)

Post SHTF, I doubt the FCC will be patrolling with a van to detect your over rated signal... so IMHO do as you need to maintain comms...  This is of course entirely up to you as to what you do...

I know there are a butt load of hams that violate the rules, typically on 75M, that get away with it for decades before there "caught"... 

Unless your interfering with someone, and you are reported, there is very little chance you will get "caught" running 5W on MURS...   This is just an observation and not condoning any action that is not legal.

The ham credo of "use just enough power to establish reliable communications" should apply here too...  No need to run 100W for a subdivision neighbourhood watch. 

Reliable does not mean the receiver can hear your tonsils rattle when you talk... It means being able to make a 100% copy of the transmission.

Persue more research, but IMHO... MURS has more to offer than GMRS...



--- Quote from: tech132 on August 13, 2009, 12:49:34 PM ---One thing to remember is that even though MURS maybe superior in many ways. It is useless if the party you want to contact does not have one. I chose GMRS because it is relatively cheap, and widely available. The money I have saved vs. MURS will be spent on other important purchases. I gave my brother my older FRS set of radios.  I can communicate with him on them because my GRMS has some shared channels with the FRS frequencies. This setup is a low cost alternative that I will use.

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The flip side is that if you are at an event, say the Fourth of July, everyone will be on FRS and you will have no space to talk. MURS may be completely open.


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