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Bow release info please

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I recently purchased a 60 lb. recurve bow in the Chinese Han style on ebay and would like to use it but do not want to use the traditional thumb ring. Can anyone recommend a decent bow release?

I've been to Bass Pro ships and they have quite a few of them averaging from $25 to $99. I've seen many Scott Releases on ebay for around $10. Any suggestions?


I have a trufire release I also bought at Bass Pro.  Very happy with it.  Very easy to get used to and use.  Only cost me about $40.  Find one that feels good and  fits your hand properly.  Check out for more advice on releases also.

First of all that's badass.

What about just using your fingers?

I'm a compound shooter and have always used a release, but recently I have been shooting stick bows with my co-worker. It takes some practice to get the hang of it and I definitely am not good at it yet, but he uses the one over two under technique and has also been trying the 3 under technique. is a good resource for all things stick bows and traditional hunting.

60lb is high for a recurve bow!

I would try it out for a while with your fingers and a shooting glove, if you still feel like you need a release borrow one and try that out for a while.  I'm not convinced you will like it, it's unusual to use a release with a recurve.

That being said.  I use one of the T shaped releases that is not strapped to your wrist.  Holy crap I don't know how people use those things, strap a entire bow to your arm and hang out until you decide to draw (and I have a ridiculously small compound bow). 

I can totally see someone using that to draw a recurve, its a more natural feel because your still drawing with your fingers and you can clip on the release and hold the knocked bow in a natural manner.

Steve Cover:
60 pounds is high for a starter bow, but not for an experienced archer.
I have three sets of limbs for my Bear takedown: 55,65,75 pounds @ 28".
Since I have a 30" draw, the actual hold weights at full draw are a few pounds more.

 65 pound limbs.

I have always used a glove and three finger technique.



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