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Tips for a new shooter?

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Shooting a recurve is not that hard.  You only have to do a few things right.  Draw the bow the same distance, anchor at the same point, aim correctly and release the string perfectly.  Welcome to spending the rest of your life trying to perfect that simple thing.  Lol

I recommend a book called "be the arrow" by Byron ferguson.  He teaches using the point of the arrow as an aimpoint then learning the gap at the various distances.  This worked much better for me than just trying to shoot instinctive.  Once you get a consistent draw you shoot at various distances until you find the distance where the arrow impacts at the tip of the arrow.  Distances closer you hold the tip below the target the correct amount.  Distances past that point you hold the point above the target. 

I also recommend  a draw length clicker.  Once set up it clicks when you reach the correct draw length.  That reduces one variable and helps you draw to a consistent length. 

Good luck


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