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ok thanks for all the advice ill check out those sites and prob get the wood half dozen i want to start making them to save money though they do get expensive but i will def take your advice and work with pre fit ones whats the best way to check my draw length i Know its gonna be long i am six 4 so i know cheap arrows wont cut it

So I have been shooting for a couple days now i cant get consistent I am using no sight but and until the arrows i ordered come in i know im using ones to short for me but still what is the best way to hold and release my string and am i just looking down the straight of the arrow?

Here's a GREAT site on aiming the traditional bow.

Apart from those old red fibreglass longbows in highschool I really began learning archery with a Martin Jaguar recurve, it's 45 pounds which really like a 50 pound is not ideal and I'm forever looking for something around 30-35 pounds because there really is only so many times you can shoot it without getting kinda sore.  I usually fire around 2 dozen arrows at a time and after 3 or 4 rounds of that I'm feeling a bit busted and my shooting isn't so great.

I got a PSE Snake which is 22 pounds - that was a mistake, great looking and cheap bow but it's just not enough power to be any kind of distance from target - i'm thinking a shorter string for it maybe, I draw around 32" and it's 22pounds at 28" and still not enough - how a kid is supposed to use I have no idea, some really light arrows I guess


--- Quote from: RobisMarshall on March 14, 2013, 11:20:13 PM ---I just bought a PSE Stalker with a 50 pound draw its my first bow I also bough a youth bow for my girl friend with either an 18 or 20 pound draw should i use hers first or should i try to learn on mine is the pse stalker a good bow?

--- End quote ---
I been die hard bow hunter most of my life good luck and enjoy its so much fun and challenging.


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