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--- Quote from: dani3077 on September 18, 2011, 02:31:20 PM ---He then proceeded to tell me all of the edible bugs in the area. OK so your kids wont eat fish NOW and you think they will eat BUGS? Good luck with that one!

--- End quote ---

*ROTFLMAO* No kiddin'.. and here I am who HATES BEANS and PEAS!!!

Cedar- who in January is challenging herself to only eat out of her pantry and buy no food for a month (just to check for holes since it has been 2 years since I have lived like that and just rebuilt the pantry)

Hey y'all,

Thanks again.  I think I'm going to wait a while and bring this up with him again in a few months.  No, dear God, no, he's not the type of person that would kill women and children!

We discuss things such as the grid going down, or the way society is going, or the economy, and he sees the collapse coming as well as I do -- better in some ways.  He's just still sort of in normalcy bias mode.  He can think about it abstractly, but not in a "real" sense, and certainly not in a way that shows him alternatives. 

Again, I remind myself, I can lead the horse to water.  I cannot make it drink.

Thanks again!


Shared this with hubby and it got him thinking and us talking!  Wow so thanks for that. His response was that guys tend to fix the problems as they come up.  If there is no problem now then there is nothing to fix.  Also those that have the idea of hiding behind a gun have a false sense of security.  They better be willing to die if they are going out looking to take.  Even hunting and fishing would be extremely dangerous because you are watching for game and you have to watch out for the other hunters.  unless you are in deep deep in the wilderness.   If that is your game plan then it would seem logical that you would be hunting now and getting your skills in tip top shape.  It's not like you can just go out and get a deer without skill.  You have to know what you are doing.  He also had the thought that sometimes to say well I have a gun is meant more for intimidation to get people to back off. 

In any case his whole response and the fact that he was even talking about it at all sorta backs up his first statement that "if there is a problem to fix then we get on it if not then whats the point. " Apparently he saw your question as a problem and he felt compelled to give input freely.    I really was quite shocked that he just spewed opinions since most of the time it is dang near impossible to get him to open up. 

This has given me new ideas on how to enhance our lines of communication. Presenting a discussion or problem as it has come from a thread here.   Can't wait to see how it works out  ;)   So even if I haven't been able to help you out you sure helped me out thanks!

My guess

Its easy to be the raider [in theory]

Romantically you grab your rifle and drape yourself in the American flag and go off to do Red Dawn

It is not easy to be a prepper.

Example: Last night I decided to take our brand new generator and start it up for a test run. You do this so you know it will work when you need it right?

Well it was not so romantic as just give two pulls and you have power. I had to add oil, add gas and pull till I saw the gates of Heaven. Still nothing.
Well having some small engine background and my Dad being a master at it I called him. After we tested it for fire and gave it a shot of starter fluid we were off to the races. So in the end yes we won and everything is fine but it was work to get it right.

Everything about prepping is work. Many men do not want to have to learn new skills and perfect them so they fallback to either I will be a raider or I am just going to come to your house to stay.

Only my opinion and worth just what you paid for it.
Kid Couteau

Mr. Bill:
Hey, kid_couteau, thanks for posting in a topic from 7 years ago and bringing it up to the top -- I'd never read this one, and it's a good discussion.

One of the things that originally attracted me to this forum is that we don't have a lot of the false-macho survivalist-with-a-gun fantasies here.  I think, for some people (yes, usually male), it's more fun to imagine a complete breakdown of civilization, rather than merely difficult and dangerous times.  With a complete breakdown, there are no rules (as Hollywood and survivalist fiction portray it).  Raiding Walmart doesn't make you a looter, because the merchandise is abandoned and free for the taking -- all you have to do is fight off the zombie biker gangs who are the real looters and don't deserve to live.

Lately, my wife has been the one pushing me to do more prepping -- specifically, assembling bug-out bags so that we can leave rapidly in case of a wildfire.  We've had a couple of practice sessions this summer due to nearby fires.  Turned out that "Don't worry, we'll just grab what we need and go" actually meant 2 hours of packing, and was completely unrealistic.  Re-testing with bug-out bags pre-packed showed a big improvement.


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