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Title: Bob Wells Nursery
Post by: R_Morgan on May 13, 2015, 04:51:01 PM
What can I say. These guys are great and class acts

I order 25ish berry starts (kiow, shawnee and chickasaw blackberries, heritage and autumn bliss raspberrys, elderberry, gooseberry and 50 strawberry).  They arrived quickly and in great shape. One of the raspberries was on the smaller side compared to the rest but 1 out of 25 is still great and they were all healthy. The packaging was very sturdy and came with instructions for the strawberries and a plant log.

I was so impressed I ordered some apple, apricot and plum trees as well as hazlenut.

I got a call a day later and went to voicemail. They called to thank me, seeing I had put in the fruit tree and the berry's earlier and asked if there was anything I needed and if I had any questions to call them at their number. They also let me know the order I had just put in would be shipping that day.

I've never had someone call me to thank me for a order, etc. So I can say that I will be a bob wells nursery customer for a long time. I also used the tsp promo code no problem. I had accidently forgotten the first time but they reimbursed me for it after the fact when I emailed and asked to do so. 

In short

Quality products
Quick shipping
Great customer service