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Where are all the Region 8 people?

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Well done Brian!

Maybe we should grab lunch someday - since we both live in the same town  :D

Holy cow.  The map is taking off.  Sister Wolf, you should turn Jack onto this.  I bet if we get a mention this will just explode.

Turq1, what about this weekend?  I am going to go tramp around the family farm where I'm going to be hunting in the next few weeks to get the lay of the land.  Other than that and possibly going out to find a place to blow crap up (Tannerite) I got no plans this weekend.  PM me.


OK, how do I put the pin in the map?   ???


--- Quote from: BerserkerPrime on September 25, 2009, 12:54:23 AM ---OK, how do I put the pin in the map?   ???

--- End quote ---

there is an edit button on the upper left of the map

And don't forget to hit "Save" in the same place after you place your pin.



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