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We got our first batch of chicks from McMurray last week. We ordered 26, got 25 healthy chicks, they refunded the cost of one with no issues. The other 25 are doing great. It has been pretty very cool here in South Texas, so we have a brooder light going 24/7. The chicks are getting very big, easily double their size. I ordered a Meat and Egg Combo, so I have no idea what I got (as far as breeds or sexes)

It has been a very cool experience, I have been going to watch them in the brooder. Also we have a dog, she is a Great Pyreneese, she will sit and watch the chicks until I chase her away to close the door.

I am going to work and will be gone for 3 weeks, I cant imagine how much they will have changed in 3 weeks.

Mrs. ElyasWolff:
I found a very helpful site for anyone starting raising chicks and it has different breed info as well.
I have not raised any yet I have to wait until I have property but I can hardly wait. I also want mini cattle but I think I will start with just chickens and move up from there.
Let us know how your chick raising goes. Good luck!

We decided to start with chickens also. I am planning to get an area fenced off for some goats or maybe sheep next. But my wife wants to triple the size of our garden for the spring, so pens will have to wait. Since I will be building fence around the garden (we have deer eating our beans).

I am hoping I'll have a few hens within a few months.... Please keep us updated on your progress with yours!

One of our hens disappeared for a month. We thought she fell prey to another damn coyote.  She showed back up yesterday with 12 little ones in tow. My wife and I were so excited to see her!!


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