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Eric M:
How goes the gardening efforts with the Northeasters?  The limited sun has put up some challenges this year.  The only items I am getting any real growth out of is the Chives and Mint.

This does seem to be "the summer without summer" here in the northeast! My garden is pretty much just sitting there looking at me like it's saying "can we come in now?".  I find that most all of my herbs are doing well. The peppers have been eaten twice now by bugs. So far, no mildew on anything.  The weeds are very happy and doing just fine. :P

Got some strawberries actually, but not many. Tasty though.

The lettuce is doing ok.
The rest is just kind of in a holding pattern. Nothing has perished as of yet.

Warm dry days forecast for the weekend. Lets see what happens.

Eric M:
Looking froward to a nice sunny day so I can go out and mow the mushrooms.

I think I see a sun beam, gonna go get my waders and try to weed whack!


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