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The most realistic SHTF Senerio I've ever seen! must see for city dewlers.

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They sell led lights that look like candles with batteries at dollorama! We used our solar powered garden lights in the 2-3 day outage near toronto about 15 years ago. Solar powered spot lights work really well too from costco. Lots of options

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Protector on February 15, 2018, 08:45:45 AM ---I know a guy that runs his cabin with led lights/ a used car battery and a 40watt panel. So lights are dirt cheap. I actually want to do this in my home because it's the biggest pain for us in an outage. Ya it's about cyber attack but it could be the ice storm/ emp/ hurricane.

--- End quote ---
It is surprisingly simple.  Chris Haynes spells out how to do it for not much money.  Here's his interview with Jack, with a link to his how-to book:
Just being able to charge a phone, have a reading light, and recharge a few AAs to run an AM/FM radio and get the news can be done for about a hundred bucks, maybe cheaper.  After doing without any power at all for several weeks following Katrina, you appreciate how good having just a tiny trickle of reliable electricity can be.

Thanks for the link Alan! Great info their


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