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Antarctic Fire Department is hiring

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Mr. Bill:

--- Quote ---Seeking a unique adventure as well as employment? How would you like to be one of the few people on the planet to have the opportunity to live and work in Antarctica?

The Antarctic Fire Department is the primary fire/rescue service for the United States Antarctic Program and is a division of Lockheed Martin's Antarctic Support Contract - the primary contractor for the National Science Foundation's (NSF) U.S. Antarctic Program.

The AFD is currently seeking personnel to deploy to Antarctica on a contract basis for various periods of time starting in August each year.

There are three contract lengths:

    Summer - (Approximately) August or October through February
    Winter - (Approximately) February through October
    Year-Long - (Approximately) October through October. ...
--- End quote ---

I saw a job posting not too long after graduating from college for a position at McMurdo. Can't remember what it was, I think it was some kind of lab tech or something (which would have been right in my wheelhouse). Still kind of kick myself for not at least applying.

One of my old physics profs ran a project in Antarctica.  It is still considered a "study abroad" opportunity for the students.

Ms. Albatross:
There are apparently several contractors who employ people there.

One had 143 job openings - pipefitters, mechanics, boiler room, airplane cargo loaders, drivers, heavy equipment operators, tool room attendant, power plant, wastewater, plumber, disbursing, construction, communication, painter, carpenter, etc...

Another contractor just had job openings in food service - bakers, sous chefs, stewards.  They also had one opening for a hairstylist.

Another one had 18 openings just for technology jobs, software engineer, IT supervisor, satellite communications.

If I was single, I would totally do this!!

David in MN:
Wait, I get to be the hero firefighter around some nerdy chicks in labcoats locked on a block of ice?

Follow up question: are there laws against drug use on that continent?

Congratulations, Mr. Bill. I am rethinking my entire life.  ;)


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