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Another of the southerners that can get plenty of deer (3 doe per day/2 buck per season not to exceed 1 per day), but, after this year, I'm beginning to question if I should hunt.  In the last 5 years of hunting, I've taken ONE small doe.

Background, 5 years ago, my wife and I purchased 22 acres of land as our "future retirement" and vacation home.  In that first year, I saw 0 deer in the area and had 3 images of deer the first year (12 months) on my trail camera.  This year, just before the season started in Nov. my trail camera was filling up an 8gb memory card with just pictures.  I've been working my backside off doing food plot and salt blocks trying to bring more deer in.  It appears to be working, until I go out to hunt, then nada, nothing, zip.
For example just today, last day of the season (well another week but I'm not able to hunt during the week) and I braved single digit temps in the morning up to 30 as the high, and I got jack to show for it.  Leaving the property to come home I almost hit 3 deer running down the road.

Geesh, is it worth it?  The one and only deer I have taken was the first weekend of muzzle loader season.  She dropped then I had 2 8pt bucks come running up and stop 30' from  my stand.  I tried to reload the muzzle loader to take one of them down, but they bolted before I could get ready.

ugh, so disappointed in the last couple of years of hunting.


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