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Canada to Stage Helicopter Wolf Hunt

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--- Quote ---Ottawa (AFP) - A government plan to shoot up to 184 wolves from a helicopter to reduce their population and save caribou herds in western Canada
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When I first went to work as a vet tech in northern BC, they were talking about using me as a technician to spay alpha female wolves for some program up there. No idea where that idea has gone.


David in MN:
We hear them in northern MN howl at night. I understand the noble intentions of reintroducing animals but wolves and people have a troubled past. Reestablishing (and then protecting) an apex predator seems like a risky gambit.

I still keep in touch with high school friends who say that the wolves in north west Michigan have decimated the deer herd to the point seeing a deer is rare.

I can understand the wolves having a place, but they can't be allowed to overrun that place, and if standard hunting is not keeping the population down....

I say lock & load and spin the rotors.

Part of the problem is that they are 're-introducing' species of wolves that were not indigenous to the area as well. Many of the places are bringing in Canadian Timber Wolves from what I understand which are 2x the size of the ones historically from the area they are 're-introducing' them into.



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