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Archers 15,000 new girlfriends... I have BEES!!!

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Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: chris on April 26, 2009, 04:39:24 PM ---Grats man! Except for being little socialists, bees are the coolest things on more than 4 legs.

--- End quote ---

Long as they produce that sweet, sweet honey - they can have any form of government they want.  God bless those little communists!  :D

Hmm, maybe more like communists, everyone gets the same except the queen and the drones.. the queen is just the egg layer, if she fails to produce the workers will replace her. if the drones are not needed or times are hard they throw them out. and if a bee is sick or injured they throw it out of the hive.

Great stuff! When I get a bigger place, I am definitely going to have to look into bee keeping. Bat boxes always seemed cool too.

Was the colony <$1000 to set up?

Jealous! I'm waiting for my wild honeybees to get active in my barn so I can hive them up! Yay for the buzzy gals!

Here are my costs (so far):
Deep Hive, frames, foundation, head veil, liquid smoke, gloves (starter package from local shop) $226.24
Entrance Feeder (local shop) $14.39
2nd deep super, frames, foundation, $2 for honey candy (yum!) (local shop)$69.83

My gear was stolen, so I had to buy gear again. grr.
Hobbyist pullover, goat skin gloves (   $73.34
Epi-Pen (kaiser) $45.00

So total cost: ~$425

Bat boxes would be cool. Have to look up plans.


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