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Archers 15,000 new girlfriends... I have BEES!!!

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Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Archer on April 30, 2009, 11:50:26 AM ---Deep Hive, frames, foundation, head veil, liquid smoke, gloves (starter package from local shop) $226.24
Entrance Feeder (local shop) $14.39
2nd deep super, frames, foundation, $2 for honey candy (yum!) (local shop)$69.83

My gear was stolen, so I had to buy gear again. grr.
Hobbyist pullover, goat skin gloves (   $73.34
Epi-Pen (kaiser) $45.00

--- End quote ---

Spinning your own honey at the end of the year?  Priceless.


--- Quote from: Sister Wolf on April 30, 2009, 12:27:40 PM ---Spinning your own honey at the end of the year?  Priceless.

--- End quote ---
hehehe.... I hope so!!!! And keeping my kids out of the honey...

Do you live in a neighborhood or is it a rural area with neighbors?

The hive is at my mom's place since she has almost an acre of land and is more rural. I think I could have it at my house, but the wife/kids would not be the happiest... And I want to get a 2nd colony going.

Zombie Axe:
Nice Archer... Installing 2 hives in the morning! Congrats on the ladies!!!


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