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Eberlestock backpacks - any owners here?

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I don't know if it's been mentioned in this thread or not(been a while since I read all of it), but Eberlestock actually has two different lines of packs. There are the hunters packs and then the military grade packs. The only difference that I'm aware of between the two is the materials. The hunting packs are made of lighter, and softer, fabrics than the military grade packs.

In my experience, most shotgun scabbards are too tight for a shotgun with any accessories. Rifle scabbards seem to add width to the action area, to fit a scope, but they add little or nothing to the barrel area. I've bought several scabbards to try fit my Fabarm Martial and even though it's just 14" barrel, only adding a small AA flashlight in a ring mount, plus an AFG2 grip makes it too big for most scabbards. The large Eberlestock rifle scabbard is big enough, but it's too big for such a small gun - if I chose to carry the large scabbard on my backpack, I'd rather put an AK into it.

BTW, I've added a handy accessory to my Warhammer pack, a zip-in front panel, that connects the side wings and turns it into a more regular pack. Good addition if you need to carry a bunch of smaller items that might fall through the straps.


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