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Eberlestock backpacks - any owners here?

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Here it is packed in a different way, using the optional duffel bag as main pack compartment. All packed for the honeymoon! (actualy just got back from it couple days ago). 14" pump fits nicely into the pack, I had a molle scabbard for it, strapped to the "loading bay" under the duffel. Worked well. The one thing I'd complain after this trip is, the shoulder straps could be a bit wider and their padding could go a bit lower, towards the armpits. Under heavy loads, the straps feel pretty sharp there.

Just in case someone was planning to get this bag  - I've noticed that Eberlestock is discontinuing production of the Alice frame based model, they now have some proprietary metal frame in them. However, they still offer the Alice frame version by now, even somewhat cheaper I think. Just thought I'll let you know.

A little late now, but I have the G4 Operator from Eberlestock and it's extremely well made. I think I could carry a medium size anvil in it and it would still be completely comfortable. I'm pretty sure the pack would survive it just fine too.

The Operator was one of the bags in my final choice (along with Terminator, Jackhammer and Halftrack), but I went with the Warhammer in the end and don't regret. Just wish the Eberlestock bags were a little bit more affordable - you certainly get quality for your money, no doubt, but I bet they could lower the price a little.

I just got a J34 (Just One) pack for a recent hunting trip.  I realize the post mentions other packs, but I can only opine to my J34.  I own a Lowe and (2) Kelty backpacks for reference.  The J34 blows away my other packs in terms comfort and features, but it is heavy by backpacking standards; however, the pack is designed to pack out meat as well as your equipment.  I really like the duffle bag concept (inserting a duffle bag inside the main compartment) which made packing out easier, but that added weight.  The offset to that is the organization of your equipment, going from packing everything (camping stuff) to the daypack mode (hunting mode).  The materials, stitching and adjustability was great.  The only possible downside is that there are a lot of exposed zippers.  If you put the pack on the ground a lot, that gets debris into the zippers, helping them to fail.  At this point, the J34 would be my BOB because I know it could handle the weight.  In fact, if it was fully loaded, I probably would falter before it would.


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