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New Mexico members?

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If you don't mind, just give me a call. All of my contact information can be found at

I need to be more active on the forums myself, but it is not front of mind so it doesn't get done. There are some great resources in Albuquerque that are very under utilized.

If you are on the TSP Zello channel there is at least one other person from Albuquerque there as well. That is another resource that I don't take advantage of nearly as often as I should.

Nice website... looks like you have a good programs going there.


The website is getting a little dated, but we do have a great group of people that train with us. Iam humbled by the quality of people that come to us for training. Since we get great students and instructors, we have great classes. I have to admit that it is a ton of fun.


I'm up in the East Mountains.  I was in Wisconsin when I first started following TSP and after we moved here I never checked this page on the forum to introduce myself!

Looking for TSPers in East Mountains, Roswell and Los Alamos area if anyone knows of any...

Our family used to live up there... I'm not aware of any folks near you at this point... that being said, you may find lots of like-minded folks up there where you are. Do you ever get to Pizza Barn? It used to be one of my family's favorite restaurants...


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