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Any Recommendations on these books?


desert marine:

Looking for any comments or recommendations on the following books:

1.  Backyard Livestock by Steven Thomas
2.  Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living

Please feel free to recommend your favorite book on maintaing livestock and gardening.

Warmest regards,
Desert Marine

I don't know the first one, but the Encyclopedia of Country Living is a classic.  Excellent from beginning to end, it can help you accomplish many of the self-sufficient or homesteading tasks.  It will not provide you with in-depth information on any given topic, but serves as an excellent springboard to further research into topics of interest. 

It is folksy, easy to read, and a keeper in any collection.  I consult it from time to time when I have a question that I am working on a solution to.

The one gardening book that I recommend above all others is: Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon.  An afternoon read, I like it because his methods are designed around a few select hand tools, plant spacing that minimizes irrigation, a nice variety of foods for complete nutrition, and minimum work.  As practiced, you spend an hour or two a day in the garden.

All Flesh is Grass by Gene Logsdon is a good one, if you have a couple acres and are thinking about doing grass fed livestock.

And I have said it before on another book related thread, that Solomon book is great.

Also take a look at Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth

and Root Cellaring by Mike & Nancy Bubel


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