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Newest member to my family

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LOL.  Tin foil goes over the brain to protect the thoughts!

I think maybe I'll skip, I don't feel like looking that closely at her poop, besides, that's the kids' job.


--- Quote from: 19kilo on December 19, 2008, 11:29:51 PM ---Otis rarely eats meat scraps except for the occasional chicken nuggets that the kids slip him.  But when I pick up his poo from the yard, I have seen every thing from rubber bands to tin foil.  Might be jus my dog though. 

--- End quote ---

No, your dog isn't the only one... my dog get's into stuff too and I don't even have a back yard... one time he chewed up one of his toys and there was stuffing everywhere. I thought I got it all but for three days he pooped out white fuzz.

As for training your dog I really am not sure. I had these ideas to train my dog to do all sorts of great things and it just hasn't happened.

I am pretty sure all dogs do this...... I have quit giving my dog anything with fuzz in it..... Stopped giving him ones with squeakers in it too...... Even on the stuffing-less toys, he will chew out the sqeaker..... Dogs kill me! But man do I love them! I have had danglers connected just by string and fuzz that have had to be removed! After doing that about two or three times, I threw away all the fuzz filled toys!


--- Quote ---I have had danglers connected just by string and fuzz that have had to be removed!
--- End quote ---

You ain't kidding.  And they look they give you when you have go get it is classic.  You think he would learn.  But no.  he dropped a deuce that was half poo, half saran wrap or something like it today.  That is going to be what gets him in the end.


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