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I have been watching this for a couple of years now, devouring all the info I can.
My bookmarks on the topic:

I was quite tickled when I stumbled across a booth at the Wisconsin State fair that dealt with aquaponics this summer.

I have been slowly accumulating the pieces I need to build an very small scale, indoor version. At this point, I am probably $50 and a free weekend away from having a running system. I really need to just take the plunge and do it. I think that my biggest foot-dragger is that I am in an apartment and would have to take it down to move it every year. I have been trying to stage the pieces so if I get a place of my own I can take that plunge quickly after moving in.

I have a small scale setup that I've been 'getting my feet wet' with for the past two years.  Hoping to score a free pool off of freecycle or a similiar site this summer to expand.  Great setup! Synaptoman...very interesting setup with the chickens.  Who would have thought...

man i wish i had the land to do this.  Great set up meancoyote and cool idea  Synaptoman of adding the chickens


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