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--- Quote from: WhiteStarNC on June 29, 2010, 04:28:30 PM ---I am concerned that all of these sights require you to download software. Anyone have problems with spy ware,pop=ups or unsolicited email?

--- End quote ---

The reason for the download, it keeps track of your coupon printing.  That way you cant print multiple copies.  Most well known sites require a download.  I've never had any spyware/adware from them.  But there always could be an evil fake site out there.

One trick I ran across is to hold the coupons until about a month after they start the coupon campaign, they'll often do some other kind of sale to move the product more. That is the time to pounce with the coupons.

this site is really good. My wife uses it weekly.  Just an FYI for Publix shoppers, you can double coupons from competitors and CVS bucks can still be used even if you return an item.  She goes through the site showing you "how to" on coupons and the whole shooting match.

Jason from PA:
FYI, Home Depot is beginning to no longer honor competitor coupons if they are printed from a home printer. (Ironically, when I moved, my Lowe's coupon required me to go online, register and print.)  So we might see this one go the way of the buffalo.

But anyone with prior service and a copy of their DD214 can receive a military discount. Which is nice...

I keep thinking i should give couponing another try. Seems like it works for lots of folks but I rarely find coupons for anything I use.

Don't get a Sunday paper, but the few times I've purchased one for the inserts it wasn't even a break-even deal, so my money was wasted. The two groceries in town (45 min. away) do not accept internet coupons. The mom & pop grocery a few miles down the road does not accept coupons from any source.

The exception is Costo's coupon booklet, that usually has several for stuff I buy, but the nearest Costco is 2¼ hrs., one-way, and we only do that run a couple of times a year so I miss out on most of their deals. There's a Walmart in the other direction about 1½ hrs., one way. They still take internet coupons but again, mostly for stuff I don't buy.  >:(


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