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I've wondered about those Red. Do they have the vac hose attach hole?

Yes there are adapters made to use them with the jar sealer things though you don't need them for that. I have an adapter hose. Might cost less elsewhere.

I have a hose.
Looks like the sealer has a tip in the end. Does it come with it or is it removable?

Yes it has a removable "cup" on the end. It is supposed to be for catching and powdered or liquid jar contents that might get sucked up. The vacuum port in the device is not inline with the port in the cup. Also the cup has a rubber like material on the end that will seal against the jar adapters so you don't need to use a hose. The hose with two male ends will not fit into the device, needs a plain cut hose. The cup will accept the hose with two male ends. I was debating about getting a countertop sealer at all due to space requirements and amount of use. Found the handheld device, far less expensive, jumped on it. Works well for me. When I want to use it I plug it in for charging the night before. You can leave it plugged in while using but the charger will not operate the device if the device battery is dead, therefore overnight charging first. Check Amazon and WM for "Foodsaver Freshsaver vacuum bags". I think Amazon is cheaper at least was. I buy 2 20 pks. of gallon size and 2 18 pks. of quart size. I've got a lot of bags to wash right now and a lot in the freezer. Several pks of quarts and at least 1 pk. of gallons unused. :facepalm:

Using it is easy. Fill bag, squeeze out air and zip shut. Freeze it until firm and vacuum. Keeps from squeezing liquid from contents when you vacuum unfrozen. Probably much like using the countertop sealer.

Sounds great. Thanks. I've looked at them, but didn't know if a hose would go on.


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