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Freezer Alarm for Compressor Failure


Prepper Rob:
After our freezer died all with all of our frozen food preps I am about to order this freezer temperature alarm for the new one.

12.00 fits my budget.   

Have you all had any trouble with theses cheep ones ?

Prepper Rob, Louisville, Ky.

Morning Sunshine:
there was a thread a bit back about freezer alarms.  Some good information there

Here is one.  not the one I remember but...

I bought one way back when that thread was fresh, iirc. My problem at the time was that my kids would leave the freezer door open and I wouldn't discover it until things had partially defrosted! Very annoying, but no longer a problem.

I think I found the alarm I bought didn't have much of a range, so you might want to check that out, depending on where your deep freeze is located (ours was in the garage). Plus, you have to be pretty diligant about changing batteries, too.

If you have purchased a new freezer, and don't have the problem with anyone leaving the door open, you may not really need an alarm for quite awhile... maybe as the unit gets a little older I'd bother with it, but with a brand-new freezer... well, you decide.

Note: Sometimes your homeowners' insurance will cover a loss like this if you can assign a value to the lost food... may be worth it if your deductible is fairly low.


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