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Talk about expired can goods

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Yesterday the wife was canning up more garden stew, and needed something to throw in as more filler to get to 7 quarts.
I found a can of Allen brand cut green beans. The best by year was 2013. Oops...
So I opened the can (no bulging, rusting) and it looked good, smelled good. Took a sample and the beans tasted like normal canned bean. So in the stew they went.

2 days before that, we had found a can of carrots with the best by year of 2014.
Those carrots were also good. A little mushy, but taste was fine.

I think "bulging and rusting" are the operative terms here. That isn't happening then open and give it a go.

We had some spinach a few years ago that got away from us. It was about 10 over.  ::) Course with me, spinach will go over as I won't eat it from a can. Wife does, but seldom.
5-6 cans, and they were bulging. That went to the trash.

Yep, bulging = growing IMO. Trash.

I recently ate a glass jar of stuffed olives with an expiration date from 2013.  No issues, tasted fine.


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