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Long term prepping for picky eaters?

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--- Quote from: kenser321 on November 11, 2018, 08:52:35 PM toddler who would eat everything is now a 5 year old who literally throws up if the food I ask him to try isn't just right. ...

... I'm the same way with any and all seafood.  ...

--- End quote ---
I'd say your child is emulating you. If you cater to misbehaviour of dysfunctional behaviours, you get more of it. I'm not saying force the child to eat but those sort of over-reactions need to be trained out, not allowed to be cemented or rewarded with special / replacement foods or worse yet cooking a separate menu for one person over this sort of behaviour. Everyone else at the table should be evincing great satisfaction with their food. This should be overcome before the behaviour worsens or becomes deeply ingrained. 5yrs old is getting pretty late in the training game.
You should probably be looking into child psychology texts at this point, for best methods and ways not to make the behaviour worse or incur different / worse behaviours in the tussle that's to come.

There is no prepping for picky eaters. Catering to picky eaters is not healthy or a strategy for success.


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