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12 volt cooler?

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We as a family take a lot of road trips. To save time and money we often pack along much of our food. The traditional cooler has been our go to way of keeping food cold. Thinking about moving up to 12/120 volt cooler. Any thoughts, experiences and or recommendations would be appreciated.


  My thoughts are that they are OK for keeping food cool but not too efficient at making warm food cold. Try to get AC and battery power options .

Alan Georges:
The inexpensive thermoelectric ones were discussed last summer:

You can read the pros and cons over there, but it was mostly cons.

I have a Coleman cooler like this.  I posted in that thread. 

It's ok, but nothing great. It is good to keep stuff cooled down to about 40 degrees below ambient temperature.

It pulls enough current that if we stopped at a rest area, we had to unplug it so it wouldn't drain the battery.  This current drawl makes it not usable for camping without hookups.  Also, if it's in a vehicle, it puts out some heat, so the cabin gets warm.

There also isn't enough insulation in the sides to keep things cold for long after it's unplugged.  Since there's openings inside to allow for air flow, you also can't fill it with ice.

Luckily it was given to me.  I'd be upset if I had paid for it.

I have a Dometic Fridge/Freezer, runs on 120/12v and pulls very few watts.
A bit pricey but well worth the money.


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