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Cedar's January 2018 Food Challenge to herself - Wood Cookstove

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Most years I do a January food challenge for myself. Two of them I have posted on TSP.


Just now, I consulted with SP, my daughter, about our January Food Challenge for 2018. I was thinking on it last night, wavering between vegan, Civil War cooking, solar oven, etc., and I think we will have a combination challenge this year. I was inspired by many things, but strangely one was inspired by my dumpster diving a couple of months ago.

WAIT!! Before you freak out... Remember that huge dumpster full of books we took around 100+ books out of?  One, well two, of the books we saved from the landfill were written by two.elders who were in their 70s in 1976. I cannot find alot of information on them other than they were local folks from Dexter, Oregon. They wrote this interesting two set of books called, "From the Ground Up".  I had never heard of them before jumping, climbing, and digging around in that dumpster. I am lucky I actually found both volumes. The books are hand typed. Both have their autographs in them in blue pen. Glenn & Kathleen Simmons are their names. I figure that they were born around 1906, and would be around 112 years old if they were alive today.

The books are so conscience stream of thought, slightly political, granola without being too hippyish, lots of good advice, lots of funny advice, random trivia... But I want to honor these kindred folks and help.keep their memory alive. Maybe none of their kin exists who remembers them, there than maybe some unmarked family photos. I tried to look them up on FindAGrave, but no luck.

The year's January 2018 Food Challenge in our household we decided will be to cook every meal from recipes out of their books for all of the month, in or on, our 1927 wood cookstove, including the warmer ovens, in order
 to honor these pionerrs in their own right, Mr and Mrs Simmons. I want to use the recipes out of their books for the supper meals, SP wants to have different breads and cookies baked in it. Although I have been cooking on the stove since November 4th, it was the mere basics, nothing not to write home about. I have not been brave enough to bake in it yet to date.

Now I have to measure the oven and buy a cookie sheet, as I don't have any anymore.


Polar Bear:
Any updates?

Yes. But I wanted to post it with pics, which I can't upload yet without going somewhere with the laptop which has internet. I cheated today, as I had to travel, and I am horribly sick, so I got some hot spicy sushi to clear my head. I was even desperate enough for benedryl a bit ago.


Feel better

get better cedar!


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