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Instant Pot: is it for preppers?

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I jumped on the Instant Pot crazy train last fall when Amazon dropped the price and my crockpot hit its last legs, but I didn't really start using it a lot until recently. So far, I'm impressed with what we've made with it, including a lot of storable foods
-beef with barley soup
-shredded turkey thighs and legs (older birds that needed a long cook)
-beans that went into various things
-hard-boiled eggs (the birds are producing a lot right now between the ducks and turkeys, we are feeding them back to them)

I haven't tried yogurt, but when I do, it will be with powdered milk.

It's really a tool, not just another kitchen toy, and I expect it will get me to rotate my staples even better.

I got one on a Black Friday deal and it's revolutionized how and what I eat.  No more cans, boxes, and bags of processed food.  I'm actually eating real food with minimal effort and loving it.  I'm using it so much that I bought a second pot so I can still cook when the other is in the fridge.  I'd buy one just for doing hardboiled eggs.  Sent my mom one for her birthday last week.  Everyone needs one, even if they don't know it yet.

CPT Morgan:

--- Quote from: AnnsSolo on April 11, 2017, 04:59:59 PM ---Instant Pot: is it for preppers?
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I'm assuming you are referencing a type of pressure "cooker"?....  I would suspect that a pressure "canner" [which can also be used for cooking] and the slow cooker (aka crock pot), would be the typical tools used by generational preppers.  That's not to say that your instant pot isn't a good and useful addition.

We have an electric pressure cooker, (not sure of the brand), and we get perfect rice in 10 minutes.
From frozen chicken to meal in 15 or 20.
We like our a lot.


--- Quote from: AnnsSolo on April 11, 2017, 04:59:59 PM ---You know the famous butter chicken recipe author. Whoa. Is it as good as they say? Wait. Don't answer, I'm starting the thread, do it there, 'kay?

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I don't know if she's THE famous butter chicken recipe author, but she's from India, and it was really good.  I'm assuming it was authentic Indian because she is.   ;D   I made her version a few days ago, and it was good, but I'm a spice wimp, so next time I'm leaving out the cayenne pepper.

She and her husband both had the gastric sleeve, and decided they needed to clean up their act.  She's a huge fan of her Instant Pot, so a lot of her recipes are using that.  They're almost all low carb and high fat.

She just made a low carb cheesecake in her Instant Pot this weekend, and I know she promised to post the recipe today, but I don't know if she got around to it.


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