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Spaghetti Dinner

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--- Quote from: Adam Campbell on March 12, 2020, 11:01:52 AM ---Wow. I don't know why I stopped logging into this forum for almost 4 years. I guess "life" happened.

I was brought back thanks to Kung Flu, and watching the toilet paper fly off the shelves.

Thanks to prepping, I didn't have to change my normal grocery shopping routine (but decided not to skip last weekend). Thanks to prepping, I can usually skip grocery day until I start to get low on coffee. Coffee seems to be the one item that pulls me back to the grocery store first.

Last weekend I was going through my pantry and taking inventory of how many “spaghetti dinners” I can cook. When I logged into this forum today I was curious to find the last post I made. It made me laugh out loud because the spaghetti dinner is still at the top of my food prep list. My picky eating son has expanded his tastes a bit but 50+ spaghetti dinners in storage ALONE can see us through the Wuhan Flu season.

Our 20+lb supply of Wagyu Beef will provide some DELICIOUS cheeseburgers to ride out the rest. Just like they do with turkeys before Thanksgiving, a week before Kobe Bryant was killed by the Illuminati in a helicopter crash Kobe Beef was on sale at the grocery store. It stayed on sale for a whole month. I have always told the people who make fun of me for prepping that I'll be sitting back eating gourmet meals while all of you dummies who didn't prep can't even find beans and rice. I knew it was on sale for a reason!

And now here we are, as I eat a magnificent specimen of beef with my clean sanitized hands. I'll be able to wipe properly for at least a year before I have to resort to the ole' Jamaican Boomba’clot!

--- End quote ---

Lol. Good to see ya posting.

Coffee. No problem here, for at least 10 months the way I figure my stock.

Adam Campbell:
I've been super lazy about coffee lately. Been getting the pre-brewed cold brew Stock coffee and keep it well-stocked in my fridge. I don't like hot coffee anymore.

I do have stocking up on coffee beans on my next shopping list — just in case we have to go back to the old days.

I also have 2 stainless steel french presses in my bugout box, so the beans will get used. That box goes on every camping trip.


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