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Making Biltong and storage

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--- Quote from: lhunt on December 28, 2013, 12:14:27 PM ---The advantage I see biltong has is that it takes a lot less energy input to make and when properly stored can have a shelf life of decades. Disadvantage of biltong is it takes a minimum of a week to make.
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Jerky takes less energy to make in a wood smoker and can store for a very long time as well.  I wonder how many people in the U.S. making biltong store it for decades?  Jerky around my house is gone in a flash.  Jerky takes less than 24 hours to make (from brine to finish).

ha! it barely lasts a week for me 'cause i eat it too quick! :) i gotta learn to smoke... meats that is!

i guess the only other advantage biltong has then is if you dont have a dehydrator or smoker you can do biltong. i dont have a smoker but do have a dehydrator. i have to say jerky has the edge when it comes to flavor and tenderness.

I've never made or even eaten biltong.  I'm going to have to try it.  But for now, I see no need to replace something as good as the jerky I make.  I don't understand the difference of the two, other than the simplicity required of making the biltong.

The cabinet that you described sounds just like the one my grandparents have had since the 70's.  It served them well all this time.  I was offered it, but I didn't have a truck to move it the couple of states away to where I live.


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