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Making Biltong and storage

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Trying to learn as much as I can about making biltong by searching the web and this forum.  Plan to make my first batch soon out of venison.  I found this article. 

It says some things I was surprised to hear, not least of which is that frozen meat is not suitable.  My plan was to use frozen venison.  Any one out there using frozen meat, or do you agree with this article? 

I plan to use a wooden cabinet.  :)  Not stainless steel, as the article suggests.  I am going to build one like the many pics on the web.  A light bulb in the bottom and PCU fan at the top.  I do own a presto dehydrator, but I don't want to let it run for 5 days.  Plus Spirko's video proved there was no significant advantage to a dehydrator.

I'm also getting mixed messages on storing biltong in the freezer.  Most people say to store it in paper bags.  If I don't store it in the freezer, I was thinking of storing it in quart jars that have been vacuum sealed with a foodsaver vacuum packer.  Can you re-freeze biltong if the meat you used was previously frozen.  You can freeze cooked meat, but it biltong cooked?  So confused...  If this stuff is as good as everyone says, then I plan to make and store a lot of it.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Well, I feel silly.  I just got half way through TSP episode 1248 and Jack answered all my questions. I will follow his advise. I may still eventually build a cabinet minus the light bulb just for air movement and to be tidy when it us hanging. I would still love to hear any pointers but I'm no longer concerned about using frozen meat or long term storage.

i have made two batches this winter all from frozen venison. no worries. ate first batch all gone. both only hung for  a bit more than a week

In my experience there is no advantage to biltong over traditional jerky, but I have both a dehydrator and a smoker.  I also never try to store any more jerky than can be eaten in a few months.  Jerky will also keep in the freezer for over a year if packaged properly.

The advantage I see biltong has is that it takes a lot less energy input to make and when properly stored can have a shelf life of decades. Disadvantage of biltong is it takes a minimum of a week to make.


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