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Where to get canning jars

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 The Dollar General store has the best prices in my area for Golden Harvest canning jars. I am not sure of the current price, as I stocked up a long time ago, but it was cheaper than walmart or anywhere else I could find. I have not had any luck buying used jars as I like to keep mine uniform, and when I do find some of my style they are asking almost new price for them. If I am buying an item used I want it at half the new price or less. I bought new quart jars for $.66, and the used ones are always priced at $.75 with the cheap ones priced at .50.

I think every farmer used commercial recycled jars in the past. A lot of the stuff had the same size lid as canning jars and many were for all purposes the same thing. Books and "experts" say not to use them but everyone did back then. I like uniform jars, so I don't use the recycled jars for canning, and the new glass jars have had the lid size changed to prevent the reuse of the jar for canning. I think it would be a good sales pitch to sell your item in reusable mason jars, but no one does. Here is a good use for the old jars of you still have them:

They make awesome doodad holders. I keep all kinds of parts in them and every size of bolt the local farm store carries.

The New Mike:

--- Quote from: rikkrack on October 17, 2013, 09:38:12 AM --- Glass jars and lids from commercial canning, peanut butter, jelly, pickles etc. Couldn't use the majority. Trying to find another use, before taking to recycling center. They saved EVERYTHING.

--- End quote ---
People will tell you you can't, but you can most definitely use those.  :) My wife's dad uses every single jar he gets for pressure canning. But I'd say thats a personal choice. You're definitely going way beyond what we're doing with pressure canning. You also live in kind of a different climate than we do, so it doesn't make too much sense to do a ton of pressure canning (lots of energy involved for the output). 3 Freezers... phew... no friggin thanks. We bought a half a cow recently which packed it up between deer from last year and meat we normally keep on stock. I don't know how in the heck you can feel good about having 3 freezers. I already don't like the idea of leaving the house without somebody here (for like a week) because if that freezer goes down and nobody is here to keep it powered... uh oh....

This is one reason why we're looking to get much more into cured and dehydrated meats (i'm sure of which you're already well on your way to). Ben Falk's book talks a good bit about the needs for preservation. His big thing is fermentation, and i'm definitely digging getting into that. Everything during hte growing season he uses fresh, but he grows alot of stuff specifically to store for winter/early spring (in vermont) so he does fermentation and root cellar. He goes on a "rant" against canning, but I think he's mostly getting at not seeing the need to do it in massive amounts, which is why he keeps talking about using it for "treats" (such as hot sauce) rather than bulk caloric intake.

Cool! For a moment I had to stop and go... what am I looking at... how on earth are these things suspended in the air..... Oh.... you have the top screwed in... Doooohhh

Frugal Upstate:
The official opinion I was given on the store jars was that "they are packers jars and only intended for one use--they aren't as thick etc".  I personally feel comfortable using the old mayo jars etc for bwb, but not for canning--just because I hate to lose anything in processing if one actually goes bad.

I haven't really checked prices recently--but I've pinned several companies that sell all sorts of bottles and jars, including canning jars (and some other cool stuff like the little brown bottles for homemade tinctures, ketchup bottles, etc etc etc).  I haven't ordered, but here are the links:

SKS Bottles
Fillmore Containers

trjg we rarely loose power where we are at. When we move to the country we are getting a walk in freezer and refrigerator on generator back up. We will be selling meats we raise. We have also added additional insulation to the freezers here in the city. We used the freezers before getting and using the canners. We have been throwing in 2L bottles of water when we remove food items to take up the space. We dehydrate a lot as well. we haven't been dehydrating meats though. We have a family of 6 so we try to keep well stocked just in case we need to skip a grocery run. We only go once every 2-3 months.

At last count, I had 900+ with about 20% empties of various sizes.  Where to get deals?  Wherever you find them!  I have never paid full price that I can remember.


Our country extension agent routinely has coupons for $2 off each carton of jars.

There once was a local guy selling used jars @ $3/ doz.  Not a great deal because they were filthy.  He had a pile of them.  I went over with a guy friend who asked what he'd take for the pile "as is."  So, for $40 we hauled off two pickup truck loads!  I got half of those.

Tractor supply had wide mouth quarts last year for $5/dozen at the end of the season.

HEB grocery store does a sale each spring for $2 off all jars.  Last spring for a small town grand opening, they ran 50% off all jars for two weeks.  Manager said they sold 7-9 pallets each day.

It's easier to find jars in rural areas than big cities.



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