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Where to get canning jars

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--- Quote from: rikkrack on October 17, 2013, 10:34:07 AM ---No need for an exact amount Cedar. But I never thought about doing the math of 3-4 jars a day. We have a family of 6 so may need to figure on the high side. Looking down the road, I need WAY more than we currently have.

--- End quote ---

No.. there is bulk foods in buckets and dehydrated too. Fresh, root cellar, on the hoof, frozen, commercial canned, not just canned.


Yup, doing all that doo. Have been dehydrating apples every day for the last 3 weeks. Can always rehydrate for apple sauce, pies, baking etc. Same with other stuff. We have 3 freezers. I would like more canned items in our inventory.

No.. there is bulk foods in buckets and dehydrated too. Fresh, root cellar, on the hoof, frozen, commercial canned, not just canned.
 So true canning is just one part of a system of food storage and is not as renewable as fresh and on the hoof. It is generally better than commercially canned stuff. Some of my jars are tied up with dehydrated food stores. Rather than vacume sealing in bags I use canning jars so that I can reuse them over and over.
 As for canning meat it just takes longer to can but is not that hard to do. Keep in mind that to get to my place went you turn of the county road you still have 5 miles of what the topo maps call a jeep trail to get to my place . So spring boxes and root cellars are in use . No grid to tie too and if you use a signal booster you can get to bars on a cellphone . I have been there 18 years.

I have found canning supplies all over the place. 

Lowes tends to clear out their canning supplies in early October.  Last year I found regular sized lids marked down to .17 a box.  The jars tend to go really fast but I have managed to pick up boxes of them for $5.00 a 12 pack.   

Tractor Supply and some local hardware stores will put supplies on sale of clearance them in the early fall.  I do believe Lowes and Tractor Supply  have both run clearance on their canning stuff.  Keep an eye out a Target.  I once found canning tools marked 75% off there.

Craigslist tends to have OK deals on used jars and canners in my area.   I have found better deals at church sales, flea markets, and yard sales.  I usually pick up jars for .25 each. 

Let friends and family know you are looking for jars.   I have had friends grab jars at yard sales and they have brought me boxes of them that they rescued from the trash. 

We had several supermarket stores close in my area this year.  I found canning supplies 40%-50% off. 

Sometimes Ball/Kerr put out coupons in the spring.  They have had by 2 boxes of lids and get 1 free or $3.00 off 2 cases of jars.  These are great to pare  with a store sale.   

Jack Crabb:
I use (there is also and some other ones) to monitor prices on and alert me when my price point is hit.

I wanted some quart jars. I looked over the price history for the past year or so and found what was about the lowest point and created an alert. A few months later, the alert hit.

Prime membership got me free shipping on two cases cheap.


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