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question about purchasing half cow - Right board?

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Fixit on June 13, 2020, 06:46:03 AM ---If you like corned beef are that to your list of things to do that will neither take canning jars of freezer space. As someone who has taken a 1700 lbs stead ( live weight ) from on the hoof  to totally processed alone it can seem like a lot.
 I now just put briskets and bellies in corning brine tell I am ready for them. Last year I put them in the brine in April in a food grade  buckets set it under the house and there it set tell October. No refrigeration no canning and no freezing.  First cool snap in October i pulled some of it out rinsed it the dry rubbed it and cold smoked it. I have around 100 lbs of pastrami hanging ready for me to spice off of anytime I want some.

--- End quote ---

I thought i would try something like that also, but do not know how.

And I cannot say that I like corned beef - the only times I have had it have been at cheesy St. Patrick's Day parties and the like.  I don't remember disliking it

I use the recipe in this book.

wow! Love corned beef.


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