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Food storage & Diatomaceous earth

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I heard Jack mention the use of Diatomaceous earth as an aid to storing food and keeping it free from moisture - I see it is very good at keeping insects and mites away too. I've found plenty of suppliers for the stuff but no one mentions it's use for food storage except in the context of animal feed. My question is, how do you actually use it? Do you sprinkle it into the food itself, put a layer at the bottom of a bucket, bury your food in it (joke)? How's it best used?
Thanks - Jon

That's a great question JetstreamJonny, I'd be interested in finding out more about this also.

From what I've read, you just mix it with the food. It coats the food and kills the insects that get into the food. But it is harmless to humans since we are not insect sized.

Here is a few link:

That's pretty brilliant!  I remember my Grandfather using this stuff for his swimming pool (the kind not recommended for this purpose).  I never imagined it could be used to keep bugs out of stored food!  Thanks for sharing this!

Brilliant indeed!  I never knew this.


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