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where to get info on testing for ham license?

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--- Quote from: Ultio1 on January 04, 2009, 08:31:44 AM ---DeltaEchoVictor

Good stuff. I havent had anyone ever put everything I need to get a license right in my lap before. You are the first. Thank you. I believe I gonna get licensed up.

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Welcome & cool!  It's pretty easy & I mean easy to the point of ridiculousness almost.  The toughest part is finding a club that's handy.  Just about all clubs have VEC's that will test you if given a little bit of notice before you show up.

Good lluck!  If you need anything else just give a holler.


--- Quote ---It's pretty easy & I mean easy to the point of ridiculousness almost.
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With a little prodding from DEV and Bailey, I decided to get mine and the Technician class was a piece of cake.  Just use the study guide from and the study tests that DEV posted and you will be good to go! 

I would add that you should study up for the General test to be taken at the same time.  That is, if you sit for and pass the Technician test, you can right away go on to take the General exam all in the same night.  Heck, if you wanted to, you could go all of the way to Extra class.  The nice thing about General is that it opens up the HF frequencies for you and that is the true long range stuff. 

Good luck to all of the studying, soon-to-be Hams out there!

It seems like each time they update the question pool they make the technician easier and the extra harder.  I'm glad I already have the extra class.

I started studying for Technician this weekend.  Been reading the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual for general theory and usage conventions.  Occasionally I try to guess the answers to related questions in the test pool.  So far it doesn't look too awful.  I figure after learning the basics I can bluff my way through, as with any multiple choice test.

Not sure if I'm going to try to take the test later this week or if I should give myself a month.  Depends on how the studying goes I suppose.

When are they supposed to change the question pool again?

So how much does it cost to get into HAM?  Could I build an okay beginners desktop system for under say, $300?  I see online hand held units for about that much.  Just curious about the entry cost.  Thanks.


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