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Found a nice article about cheap non-perishables

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Maine has a great local chain of this type called Mardens.  I stop in when we visit family.  I have to be careful because the bigger store have very affordable fabric which feeds my sewing hobby.

I to have a sewing hobby. Glad there are others on here that sew. I have been making baby blankets to use for barter one day but also I give them as gifts at baby showers. Even in a SHTF situation, there will be babies born. Need to keep those little guys warm.

My current project is an English paper piecing quilt.  I have couple of other throw blankets I need to finish quilting then I need to dig into making insulated roman shades for the house.  I picked up the shade fabric at Mardens for $4.50 a yard but I am procrastinating on digging out the craft room that has become a storage space dumping ground.

My yarn, quilting fabric stash is taking up quite a bit of space in my master BR closet right now. I dream of a craft room with a good place to work/store all that stuff... the boys are older and will soon be out of college, so maybe then... I have not been adding to the stash recently, though. We don't have Marden's where I live... sounds like another good shopping place in some regions.

Also no salvage stores near where I live now... there are some advantages to living near a large population center, I guess.

even online stores are starting to run out of inventory. I had some luck on at first, but now even amazon seems to be running out. My last order was for rice and beans from, Received it in 6 days.


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