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Found a nice article about cheap non-perishables

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Earlier this year, while visiting the kids in the KC area, we found one and went in looking around. Prices weren't all that great on most things.
Mainly what I noticed was that most everything in there was expired according to the date.  :-\

We have a few of these "salvage" stores here in So Cal. they don't offer much bargain though. Haven't been able to find much stuff to make it worth shopping there. I found that copy canning has been much more successful. We can be picky when choosing what to buy because we have an abundance of cans on our shelves. It has really helped us to be able to go in the garage and get cans we need and not have to run to the store daily/weekly.


--- Quote from: raginrick on January 15, 2018, 11:57:50 AM ---It has really helped us to be able to go in the garage and get cans we need and not have to run to the store daily/weekly.

--- End quote ---
I LOVE this! But I didn't know it was called "copy canning". I had to Google it.

Thanks for the education.


I go to two different food salvage stores and have shopped at them for years. I go to a third when I am in the general area. I pop in when I am going by them, even if I do not need anything exactly, and often I do not buy anything. But the other day....

Bear Creek Soup - $0.99 cents for 6 servings. They are actually individual packs, but good for lunches, and for tossing into a thermos with boiling water for hiking. It is done by the time you are hungry. Also a good BOB food, and lasts on the shelf forever food. I bought 24 each of 3 varieties for a total of 432 servings. $71 for all of them, but I saved $175?
I scored

I bought two really cute single serve sized "something" cast iron pans for $1.99 and it came with a brownie mix I am not excited about, but I deem that as a bonus. They generally go for $20 each

Naked fruit drinks which are like $8 each, I routinely get for $1.99 (and the usual reason I pop in)

Quinoa which is $22 at Costco, I just bought six bags at $3.99 each

Turmeric Powder which is $30 for 2 pounds, I got for $6

Organic lamb and beef burger I get for around $3 a pound.


We have a lot of the dollar trees and everything a dollar here in VA.. We also now have Lidil's and Aldi's stores as well. The last two are from Europe and the food is so much cheaper than our regular grocery stores. Most of the food comes from Europe. They say these are the main stores for them but much bigger. I have found some great prices on a lot of can goods and cereal, etc.


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