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taxes... highest in the nation...
welfare... highest in the nation
gun control... close to worst in the nation...

Alaska here.

Got absolutely fed up with Califreakia in '99 so I took my revenue generating small business and moved north.

Best move I've ever made.

Crux Move:
Washington State here.  Moved last year from New Orleans.  Great city they invented the cocktail, gumbo and super-corruption.  Decided it was time to bug out for good when 3 14 year old welfare kids shot a female bartender in the back after she gave them her money. 

Washington here...

I am new to Washington, well, actually moving there really soon (from Kansas). I know I am going to be in the Fort Lewis area. I went out there for a few weeks last month and really enjoyed the area. I was able to do a little fishing and hiking with some friends. I just wanted to hear from anyone in that area, just to get a heads up. I am just looking for whatever info that could be of help, what areas are good, where to avoid and whatever else you might think is useful. I really appreciate the help.



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