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How hungry would you have to be to eat _____ ?

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--- Quote from: HelenWheels on December 03, 2009, 08:45:08 PM ---I'd have to be pretty doggone near starvation before I'd eat"

- an egg that wasn't scrambled  -  I eat them over easy or even soft boiled. I used to have them raw in orange juice.

- organ meat (liver, heart, gizzard, brains, chitterlings, kidney, lung), sweetbreads or odd animal parts (chicken feet, chicken combs, egg sacs) - PRETTY DARN HUNGRY

- scrapple, headcheese... any jellied-meat - Scrapple - no problem - headcheese - hungry

- raw fat (blubber) - I had some once - Starving

- some types of fish (sardines, anchovies, herring, eel, lutefisk, etc) - Any Day of the Week

- rat, mouse, dog, cat, horse meat - NOPE

- worms, grubs and various other insects - Probably

I gotta stop - I'm grossing myself out...

--- End quote ---

Yeah... fun thread, Mr. Bill.

I think maybe Ebonearth did win the prize for most adventurous eating... way back when.

ugh.. so much for having lunch today..

Didn't see anybody mention beef tongue. Makes the best sandwich meat. Always had trouble getting the grass stains out though. Worms are off limits and bugs the same. Love smoked smelt, guts feathers and all. ;)

OH yeah.  My dad used to bring a cow tongue home every couple of months.  Slice it thin and make sandwiches with it.  Really good.


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