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How hungry would you have to be to eat _____ ?

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I've never met a food I didn't at least try.  Still haven't found anything I wouldn't eat a second time. 

Its all just mind over matter, and what goes in my mouth doesn't matter, as long as it fills the belly and keeps the machine movin :)  I still have some preferences though.

Ebonearth, your a woman after my own heart stomach.  Love so many of the things on your list.  Particularly the cephalopods, snail and sardines.

I love that all three of my boys (3, 8 and 11) love all the same stuff I do.  Crack open some oysters or muscles or sardines or cuttlefish and they maul me to get some (I can hardly get a bite in edgewise).

I prefer my bees fried, my ants dried and my grasshoppers covered in chocolate :)

Well I have been used for menial labor in the past. :ebon:

--- Quote from: Docwatmo on February 09, 2010, 10:09:12 PM ---Ebonearth, your a woman after my own heart stomach.  Love so many of the things on your list.  Particularly the cephalopods, snail and sardines.
--- End quote ---
I really think it is a cultural thing, a lot of those 'eww gross' foods are part of my heritage. Couple that with my parentage and low income and well everything but insects we ate. still most entomophagy sticks in my throat. The idea of eating bees bothers me, not because they are icky but because that's a waste of a perfectly fine pollinator. ;)

I'd eat any of these things before I'd eat at McDonalds:

- an egg that wasn't scrambled
- organ meat (liver, heart, gizzard, brains, chitterlings, kidney, lung), sweetbreads or odd animal parts (chicken feet, chicken combs, egg sacs)
- scrapple, headcheese... any jellied-meat
- raw fat (blubber)
- some types of fish (sardines, anchovies, herring, eel, lutefisk, etc)
- rat, mouse, dog, cat, horse meat
- worms, grubs and various other insects

At least they're natural..
Of that list, I have eaten grubs and insects, minnows, frogs, snake meat (cooked), and a whole bunch of other things. If it's food, ain't poisonous, and isn't full of synthetic junk, I'll probably eat it. Not on a regular basis, but I'll eat anything at least once.

 :P There are things I don't like,,,, liver, sardines, but can stomach sometimes. I try most any raw seafood and mollusks when I can. If I could gut it without being sick, I'd eat it if I was really hungry.

My limit comes with fertilized birds eggs. When the veins are formed inside, I'm done. Anything Bear Grills describes as "an explosion of puss in your mouth"... No, I'm not even trying to keep that down till way after I'm too weak to move. Most likely that includes anything found under logs. And there's a point when gathering protein is far harder than it's worth to digest.

Morning Sunshine:
wow - this is an OLD thread.  Thanks Mr. Bill for reviving it :)


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