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How hungry would you have to be to eat _____ ?

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Still LMAO -  ok I can type now. All you have to do is hang around this forum for some good laughs from TSP'ers. OMGosh Mash - too funny -thanks!

HW you grossed me out (and I mean that in the sweetest way possible).

Unless my house burns to the ground (always possible); is swept up in a tornado (highly unlikely but slightly possible where we live); is smashed to smithereens by a derailed train (more probable than the tornado) or we are evacuated and I am not allowed to take my to go preps (this will never happen!!!!!) I am eating food from my house. And if the house goes we can always eat the chickens.  I've hung out with DH for a long time (a very, very long time) and he knows I'll do a lot of things more "earthy" than most women but I don't do eating bugs, gross animal parts and mice/rats.  Or the neighborhood squirrels.  Yes I know I've been told squirrel is very good by hundreds of wonderful folk but I'm not changing my mind - they to me are just rats with bushy tails and good PR. Their beedy little eyes freak me out and I send my blue dogs to chase them out of my yard - the little guy is gonna get one soon!
I know I'm gonna hear five hundred and fifty reasons to eat squirrel along with recipes. Still won't change my mind.   :P TBM 

Chicken feet make the best broth (remove them before eating of course) - we always save some when we butcher chickens.  Raw eggs with raw milk, vanilla, sugar, nutmeg - voila - egg nog!!

I won't eat eggs in ANY way except scrambled.

The thought of fried eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, egg salad, eggs in a salad... yak.

Cooked egg whites make me gag. Slimy raw eggs make me gag.


I just read a book that had the main character feeding the chicken feet in her soup to her cat.


--- Quote from: Sister Wolf on December 04, 2009, 01:00:57 AM ---Things I would never, ever, ever eat, even if I was dying:  Balut.  Balut.  Balut, and also Balut.

That has got to be the most disgusting thing that people eat without dying that exists.  And I'm not convinced that the people who eat it don't die shortly afterward.  I think it's a conspiracy.

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uugghh, oh my, you're right that has to be one of the most icky disgusting things ever. Kinda makes me wish I had not just eaten breakfast. Oh yuck, yuck yuck. And yuck. How did you even find that out? I sure would never have searched that online. Would not have thought any sane person could eat something like that.

I am with you gals. No chicken feet for me, I might try organ meat if I was feeling adventurous (and super hungry) that day. Eggs do not bother me, even raw eggs, especially if they are in a dessert.

TBM, I don't know if I could eat squirrel or not. They are kinda cute in a rat-y sort of way. And I sure could not eat mouse or rat. I would just keep thinking of all the nasty diseases and such that they carry and spread. Probably I could get over that with squirrels though.

And I don't eat anything that swims or glides or creeps or anything else in water. I have a problem eating anything that swims and breathes in the same water it sh**s and fornicates in.


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