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Vacuum Seal Mason jars W/O special lids

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Regular mouth size lid. Something was not happening correctly. Later I took a used lid and sealed it to a pint canning jar. Something I didn't do right. I had a lid sealed to this jar but it wouldn't re-seal nor would another used lid.

Used some powdered eggs this morning. Sealed the same lid back to the jar no problems. The jar yesterday was a 32 oz. Mt. Olive pepperoncini jar, regular mouth size. Got struck by a dose of stupid I guess.

Our eggs look ok in the jar. Haven't tried any yet.
We did a pint and a half last year

With what I get tomorrow that will give me 6 dz. in the frig. Free or way cheap. Probably eat some fresh but most will get dehydrated. 2 1/2 pints on the shelf now. This and powdered milk are making pancakes and quick breads easy for me now.

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