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Vacuum Seal Mason jars W/O special lids

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Sorry to jump in but yes...that is the thing.  I have had jars vacuum seal this hold the seal for over 10 years.

...another option with the foodsaver... I bought a large foodsaver canister (big enough to hold any jars you might want to re-use ) and have used it to seal dry things in with great success. It works well for old pasta sauce jars with the original lids, and all sort of other jars and lids you want to re-use (only for dry storage). You just put the jar with the lid on it in the canister and vacuum seal the canister. Then, after removing the hose, you release the pressure using the canister release button. The jar inside will magically seal with the lid button sucked down. I have the size for standard size mason jars, but not the wide mouth, so I use this method on widemouth mason jars as well as the other store jars.

I use old jars and lids for dehydrated foods, chocolate... anything dry I want to store longer on the shelf.

This does still require power, though, so I am looking forward to seeing your other method TBM.

Red Dog:

--- Quote from: idelphic on November 22, 2009, 03:55:13 PM ---Is this the thingie RD?
    Shame no instructions on it really..

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Thats it the description is lousy also. You slip that on over a wide mouth Jar with the lid in place, attach the vacuum hose from your sealer to the top of the lid and turn it on. It removes the air and sucks the lid down tight. When you remove the hose it breaks the seal under the white thing and you pull it off. The mason jar lid stays in place. If you want you can screw the ring on loosely at that point. Works real well and the lids seem to work over and over as long as your careful when you break the vacuum.

Mr Ant:
This is great! I never realized that these would work will the jar lids.

I was looking on the web for what TwoBluesMama was describing and found an instructables project that you may be interested in:


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That's slick. I already have the hand pump, just need to pick up a jar adapter. Thanks.


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