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Trout fishing in fast water
« on: May 09, 2013, 09:46:24 AM »

Just got back from our annual trout fishing trip.   Myself and two buddies do a 5-7 day trip every Spring, mostly on the Cranberry River in WV.   We bike in and fish a long stretch of the river only accessible to hikers, campers and motorized vehicles allowed on this gated trail.

This year we caught that nasty storm that came across the Appalachians the last few days.   This brought a rise in the water very quickly.   Sunday and Monday were great weather, water flowing nicely....clear to the bottom.   We mostly bait fish with night crawlers and meal worms.   Spinners at certain times of the day work great too.  Fishing approach was looking for the deeper holes, weighting down the line to keep the bait down and near the bottom.   Presentation was for slow flow and allowing it to bounce across the bottom on the rocks.

Tuesday and Wednesday the rain changed up everything.   We initially thought add more weight to the line.  When I actually did the opposite, with OK results.  Instead of trying to "bounce" the bait, I lightened my line and let it ride the water closer to the top.   Water color was more coppery than clear.   I took a page out of the fly fishing books and casts behind the bigger rocks where the water eddies.   After holding for a few seconds, the line was swept away, hoping to get that trout to join the chase.  Almost all my fish were caught with this approach the rest of the week.

Instead of the weather putting a damper on things, we kept right on fishing and catching.   We got wet, we got chilled....we had a blast.